We are pleased to announce the release of Chebfun Version 5.2.0 for numerical computing with 1D and 2D functions. The main new features are:

  • A fast implementation of the discrete Legendre transform (DLT) and its inverse (IDLT).
  • epslevel accuracy estimates have been disabled (fixed at machine epsilon and no longer displayed when printing a chebfun).
  • Automatic vectorization for anonymous functions used to specify chebop operators and boundary conditions. For example, N.op = @(x,u) x.*diff(u) + u.^2 can now be replaced by N.op = @(x,u) x*diff(u) + u^2.
  • chebop null method for systems of equations.
  • pde23t, significantly faster than pde15s for non-diffusive PDEs. pde23t is now also an option in chebgui.
  • Periodic discretization of periodic PDEs in pde15s and pde23t (specify boundary conditions as 'periodic').
  • Minimax approximation of periodic functions via trigremez.
  • Support for fractional integrals and derivatives of smooth chebfuns, by passing non-integer arguments to diff and cumsum.

In addition, significant speed-ups have been achieved for evaluation of chebfun2 objects, QR factorizations of tall and skinny quasimatrices, piecewise ODEs and for solving PDEs in chebgui. Finally, various bugs have been fixed and documentation has been improved.

We hope you enjoy the new release. Feel free to contact us at help@chebfun.org if you have any questions or comments.