The Chebfun team gathered together last night to wish good luck to Ásgeir Birkisson, who is moving on after seven years at Oxford as an MSc student, DPhil student, and postdoc. Chebfun's capabilities at solving ODEs are very largely due to Ásgeir together with Nick Hale and Toby Driscoll. He wrote the Automatic Differentiation code for Newton iterations in the continuous setting, the linearity detector, the CHEBGUI interface, the extension of "backslash" to IVPs via automated conversion of higher-order equations to first-order form, FOLLOWPATH, and much more. Best wishes for the future, Ásgeir!

From left to right the photo includes Chebfunners Hadrien Montanelli, Behnam Hashemi, Ásgeir Birkisson, Anthony Austin, Jared Aurentz, Mikael Slevinsky, and Nick Trefethen. Mohsin Javed is taking the picture.