There will be a minisymposium titled "Solving ODEs and PDEs in Chebfun" at the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, to be held in Oxford on April 5, 2016.

Abstract: We believe that Chebfun is the most convenient tool available for solving ODE initial- and boundary-value problems. This minisymposium will survey Chebun's methods and capabilities and present many applications. Chebfun runs in MATLAB and can be downloaded freely from Together with others on the Chebfun team, its ODE/PDE capabilities are especially due to Toby Driscoll, Nick Hale, and Asgeir Birkisson.


  • Nick Trefethen, University of Oxford:
    ODE IVPs/BVPs and a new textbook

  • Hadrien Montanelli, University of Oxford:
    Fast solution of stiff PDEs in 1D, 2D and 3D

  • Jared Aurentz, University of Oxford:
    Automatic construction of numerical adjoints and applications

  • Olivier Sète, University of Oxford:
    Analytic continuation of Lorenz trajectories into the complex plane

  • Behnam Hashemi, University of Oxford:
    Chebfun in three dimensions

  • Mikael Slevinsky, University of Oxford:
    A fast free alternative to Chebfun and MATLAB: ApproxFun and Julia