Chebfun is compatible with MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b) or later, and is freely available subject to our license. Chebfun's code is open source and available on Github. To keep track of news about major releases, events, and other Chebfun-related, subscribe to our mailing list. Release notes for recent versions can be found in the release announcements on the news page.

Direct download

Alternatively you can install Chebfun to your current directory by pasting the code below to your MATLAB command window:

movefile('chebfun-master', 'chebfun'), addpath(fullfile(cd,'chebfun')), savepath

Note that the savepath command above will not work if you don't have write permissions to the MATLAB system file pathdef.m, which may be the case if, for example, you're working on a network computer at a university. Because MATLAB may be installed in different places on a given computer, there is no generic solution to the problem. To use Chebfun, its path must be added each time you start MATLAB; this can either be done manually, or it can be done automatically with a custom startup.m file that lives in the default MATLAB path. Contact us if you have trouble installing.

If this is your first look at Chebfun, we suggest that you check out the Chebfun Guide and then some of the many Examples.

For developers

Those who are more interested in getting under the hood of Chebfun may prefer to clone the Chebfun repository from Github. If you don't have Git, download it. To clone, type the following at a terminal:

git clone