1. A third-order nonlinear BVP on the half-line

    C. I. Gheorghiu, January 2020

  2. A square limit cycle

    Nick Trefethen, May 2019

  3. Two electrons orbiting symmetrically about a nucleus

    Jeremy Fleury and Nick Trefethen, June 2016

  4. Picard iteration for ODE existence proof

    Nick Trefethen, January 2016

  5. Phase portraits with chebop/quiver

    Asgeir Birkisson, November 2015

  6. Chebfun's new IVP capabilities

    Asgeir Birkisson, February 2015

  7. A nonlinear system of Guckenheimer and Holmes

    Nick Trefethen, February 2015

  8. Lyapunov exponent of the Lorenz system

    Hrothgar, January 2015

  9. Pythagorean planets

    Behnam Hashemi and Nick Trefethen, December 2014

  10. Nonlinear Periodic ODE

    Hadrien Montanelli, December 2014

  11. Modelling infectious disease outbreaks

    Hrothgar, October 2014

  12. The logistic map, again

    Nick Trefethen and Michal Konecny, August 2014

  13. Blasius function

    Hrothgar, June 2014

  14. Logistic map and chaos

    Nick Trefethen, July 2013

  15. Lorenz Attractor in the complex plane using ratinterp

    Marcus Webb, March 2013

  16. Bloodhound supersonic car

    Tanya Morton, January 2013

  17. Orbiting around fixed stars

    Nick Trefethen, November 2011

  18. Three body problem complex singularities

    Marcus Webb, August 2011

  19. Lane-Emden equation from astrophysics

    Alex Townsend, May 2011

  20. Exact solutions of nonlinear ODEs from Bender and Orszag

    Nick Trefethen, December 2010

  21. An Allen-Cahn equation with continuation

    Nick Trefethen, November 2010

  22. Carrier equation

    Asgeir Birkisson, October 2010

  23. System of two nonlinear BVPs

    Asgeir Birkisson and Toby Driscoll, September 2010

  24. Blowup equation (Frank-Kamenetskii)

    Nick Trefethen, September 2010