The Chebfun Examples have been written by various authors beginning in 2010. New Examples are always welcome!—download ExampleTemplate.m to get started, and if you have a draft, get in touch.

The Examples are updated from time to time, but the original date is retained. That is why, for example, you will sometimes see an example dated in one year referencing a paper from a later year.

  1. Random functions in 2D

    Nick Trefethen, April 2017

  2. Eigenvalues of random operators

    Yuji Nakatsukasa, April 2017

  3. Rayleigh quotient iteration for an operator

    Nick Hale and Yuji Nakatsukasa, March 2017

  4. Kuramoto-Sivashinsky traveling waves

    Nick Trefethen, March 2017

  5. Frozen coefficients do not determine stability

    Nick Trefethen, March 2017

  6. Continuous analogue of Wilkinson matrix

    Nick Trefethen, March 2017

  7. Avoided crossings for ODE eigenvalues

    Abi Gopal and Nick Trefethen, March 2017