1. Jump conditions and Green functions

    Nick Hale and Nick Trefethen, June 2019

  2. A continuous analogue of Krylov subspace methods for ODEs

    Marc Aurèle Gilles and Alex Townsend, June 2018

  3. Frozen coefficients do not determine stability

    Nick Trefethen, March 2017

  4. Adjoint of a linear operator

    Yuji Nakatsukasa, February 2017

  5. Near-nonuniqueness and near-nonexistence

    Nick Trefethen, October 2016

  6. Diffmat, diffrow, intmat, introw, gridsample

    Nick Trefethen, August 2016

  7. Inserting breakpoints to resolve layers

    Nick Trefethen, January 2016

  8. Fourier Spectral Collocation

    Hadrien Montanelli, December 2014

  9. A periodic ODE system

    Nick Hale, December 2014

  10. Floquet Theory of Periodic Linear Systems

    Richard Mikael Slevinsky, October 2014

  11. Order Stars

    Nick Trefethen, July 2014

  12. Exponentials of Linear Operators via Contour Integration

    Anthony Austin, May 2013

  13. Classification of linear dynamical systems

    Georges Klein, March 2013

  14. Dawson's integral

    Kuan Xu, October 2012

  15. Resonance exploited by Carrier and Pearson's vandal

    Nick Trefethen, August 2012

  16. Lee and Greengard ODE examples

    Nick Trefethen, June 2012

  17. A parameter dependent ODE with breakpoints

    Asgeir Birkisson, January 2012

  18. Nonstandard 'boundary' conditions

    Asgeir Birkisson, October 2011

  19. Stability regions of ODE formulas

    Nick Trefethen, February 2011

  20. Matched asymptotics and boundary layers

    Nick Trefethen, December 2010

  21. Advection-diffusion equation with a jump

    Nick Trefethen, November 2010

  22. Linear exp initial-value problem

    Tom Maerz, October 2010

  23. Boundary layer for advection-diffusion equation

    Nick Trefethen, October 2010

  24. Wikipedia ODE examples

    Mark Richardson, September 2010

  25. Linear sine/cosine initial-value problem

    Nick Trefethen and Tom Maerz, September 2010