1. Rational approximation of abs(x) with minimax

    Silviu Filip, Yuji Nakatsukasa, and Nick Trefethen, May 2017

  2. AAA rational approximation

    Nick Trefethen, December 2016

  3. Edge detection in Chebfun

    Nick Trefethen, November 2016

  4. Approximating Pushnitski's reciprocal log function

    Nick Trefethen, November 2016

  5. Convergence bounds for entire functions

    Nick Trefethen, April 2016

  6. Accuracy of Legendre coefficients via aliasing

    Yuji Nakatsukasa, April 2016

  7. Accuracy of Chebyshev coefficients via aliasing

    Yuji Nakatsukasa, April 2016

  8. Eight Shades of Rational Approximation

    Mohsin Javed and Nick Trefethen, January 2016

  9. Noisy functions in Chebfun

    Nick Trefethen, December 2015

  10. Chebfuns from equispaced data

    Nick Trefethen, April 2015

  11. Odd and even best approximations

    Mohsin Javed and Nick Trefethen, March 2015

  12. Nearest orthonormal functions

    Behnam Hashemi, December 2014

  13. Gallery and Gallerytrig

    Hrothgar and Nick Trefethen, December 2014

  14. Smooth functions of compact support

    Nick Trefethen, July 2014

  15. Chebfuns of noisy functions with discontinuities

    Nick Trefethen, July 2014

  16. CF approximation 30 years ago

    Nick Trefethen and Mohsin Javed, July 2014

  17. Digital filters via CF approximation

    Nick Trefethen, April 2014

  18. Resolution of wiggly functions

    Nick Hale and Nick Trefethen, October 2013

  19. Least-squares approximation in Chebfun

    Alex Townsend, October 2013

  20. Approximations and oscillation of error

    Mohsin Javed, October 2013

  21. A pathological function of Weierstrass

    Hrothgar, October 2013

  22. Splines

    Nick Trefethen, February 2013

  23. Rational approximation to the exponential in a complex region

    Yuji Nakatsukasa and Stefan Guettel, July 2012

  24. B-splines and convolution

    Nick Trefethen, July 2012

  25. Bernstein polynomials

    Nick Trefethen, May 2012

  26. Summing a divergent series

    Nick Trefethen and Stefan Guettel, April 2012

  27. A greedy algorithm for choosing interpolation points

    Nick Trefethen, November 2011

  28. Chebyshev interpolation of oscillatory entire functions

    Mark Richardson, October 2011

  29. Rational interpolation, robust and non-robust

    Nick Trefethen, August 2011

  30. Orthogonal polynomials via the Gram-Schmidt process

    Nick Hale, June 2011

  31. Local complexity of a function

    Nick Trefethen, June 2011

  32. Halphen's constant for approximation of exp(x)

    Nick Trefethen, May 2011

  33. Absolute value approximations by rationals

    Nick Trefethen, May 2011

  34. Lebesgue functions and Lebesgue constants

    Nick Trefethen, November 2010

  35. A wiggly function and its best approximations

    Ricardo Pachon and Nick Trefethen, November 2010

  36. Best approximation with the REMEZ command

    Nick Trefethen, September 2010

  37. The gamma function and its poles

    Nick Hale, December 2009